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Alanya Damlatas Beach – Cleopatra Beach

It is in front of the Damlatas Cave, on the boom of Alanya Castle. In front of the park and Damlatas Cave each kind of service can be provided. Alanya Beach has glamorous beauty with clear and...

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The range of tourist attractions in Alanya is endless. Take a Alanya cable tour for some sightseeing and see the top Alanya attractions, such as Alanya Castle, Alara Castle, Tower of Alanya and Alarahan, with no effort whatsoever. Take some time out to explore the Alanya Zoo and the SEA LIFE Alanya boat, experience some Alanya history at the Alanya Red Tower and the Alanya Shipyard or visit an exhibition at one of Alanya’s many museums, such as the Alanya Archaeology Museum. Take the Alanya Cable tour and go behind the scenes at history, hang out with the stars at Alanya Harbour and enjoy some Alanya theatre in the city centrum. Take a look at our complete guide of things to do or explore our Alanya Attractions Map to make sure you don’t miss out on a single thing.