10 Amazing Things to Do in Alanya, Turkey (Updated 2019)

Jaw-dropping medieval castle, amazing beaches and mountains perfect for the outdoor pursuits…these are just some of the things to do in Alanya!

Alanya, a seaside town on the southern coast of Turkey, offers a unique mix of relaxation, history, and adventure. Squeezed between the dazzling Mediterranean and Taurus Mountains, the historical heart of Alanya sits on a rocky peninsula with an impressive 13thcentury castle overlooking sweeping beaches.

Before my trip, I was trying to find as much information about Alanya as possible.  With all the varied attractions that Turkey has to offer, there was not too much space dedicated to Alanya. In the 400-page Turkey guidebook I got, only four pages were dedicated to Alanya. Yet, this small region exceeded my expectations by a long shot. Sometimes it is worth it to take a chance on a destination!

So, what to do in Alanya? I have spent altogether 10 amazing days in Alanya together with my boyfriend, exploring the local sights and taking as many day trips as possible. This post is covering the tours and activities in detail, and I hope it will help you to plan your own trip.

Traveling to Alanya

The nearest airport is located in Gazipasa, about 30 minutes from Alanya. It’s a relatively small airport, so you might need to transfer in Istanbul. Use my favourite tool favorite tool www.skyscanner.com.tr to find the best flight.

Alternatively, it is possible to fly to Antalya airport, but then you still have 120 km to go. There are shuttle buses, but it’s a two-hour trip.

The Best Time to Visit Alanya

Alanya is located in the center of Turkish Riviera and offers a pleasant Mediterranean climate with long summers and mild winters. Alanya enjoys 310 days of sunshine each year with up to 14 hours of sunlight per day in June and July. Yes, you are very likely to have a sunny holiday here:)

The best time to visit Alanya is from June to December when you can expect temperatures of around 31°C . My visit was done at the end of May and beginning of June when the weather was already warm and sea still cooler (it didn’t prevent me from swimming every day). If I would go to Alanya again, I would choose June or September since July and August can be pretty hot over there.

If you want to focus on sightseeing and various trips around Alanya, spring could be a great time for your visit. The average temperature in spring is around 20°C with lows of 9°C at night It might not be possible to swim in the sea, but there is still plenty of warm sunshine.

Things to do in Alanya, Turkey

Alanya has a fun activity for everyone – you can enjoy sunbathing at Cleopatra beach one day and take an adventure trip to the stunning Sapedere canyon on the other day. Of course, there is much more!

I hope my guide will help you to plan your trip – choose your favorite activity yourself!

So, what are the best things to do in Alanya?

Alanya Castle and the Red Tower

Things to do in Alanya, Turkey

Iconic Alanya castle is definitely a must-see during your Alanya trip. Not only can you take in the amazing 360-degree panorama, but also you can feel that history has been written here. The fortress was built in the 13th century but the fortifications date back to much earlier, probably the 3rd century BC. It’s really amazing how they managed to stay in such a good shape over the years.

things to do in alanya castleOnce you are done visiting the remains of the castle, walk down to the harbor and continue you historical explorations with the hexagonal Red Tower. It was built in 1226 to protect the castle and the nearby shipyard that was created some years later. Both the Red Tower and nearby Old Shipyard are worth checking out.

Entrance fee to Alanya castle is 10 lira (3,8 euros). The hill is steep, so take bus number 4 to get up there. It costs 2 TL one way. A Red Tower visit costs 5 lira (2 euros) per person. By the way, Alanya castle is on a tentative list for UNESCO World Heritage Sight designation.

Lunch at Dimcayi

Things to do in Alanya, Turkey

On a hot day, there is no better place to escape than the mountains east of Alanya. You can enjoy swimming in the cooling waters of the Dimclay River and have lunch in one of the restaurants situated in traditional Turkish-style sitting pergolas located above the water.

dimcayi alanyaThere are lots of restaurants to choose from; I had lunch at laid-back Dimcayi Pinarbasi Alabalik Restaurant. I loved sitting on the pillows and the fact that the staff had no problem with me taking a nap:) How relaxing!

Dimcay is situated 22 kilometers from Alanya. You can get there on bus no. 10, which starts at Dolmush station. A taxi is about 50 lira (12 euros) from the Alanya city centre. It’s good to avoid Sundays when this place is crowded with locals. The place is located in a valley surrounded by cliffs, so there are natural shadows and the air is always fresh.

Sapadere canyon

Things to do in Alanya, Turkey

Sapadere is a hidden gem and I really loved it. The rushing river cuts through the mountains, creating a deep canyon with steep limestone walls on each side. There is a well-maintained wooded walkway though the canyon, giving visitors glimpses of immense natural beauty and cascading waterfalls.

There are a couple of swimming spots along the way (with stairways down to them), but you should be aware that the water stays freezing cold no matter what season it is. If you are brave enough, you should definitely take a dip:)

It’s a 40-minutes drive to Sapadere from Alanya, with great mountain views along the way. The road is little winding (prepare your stomach!). You can do it by organized tour or rent a motorbike and navigate the road on your own. Entrance to the canyon is 9 lira (2,3 euros) and there is a small restaurant at the entrance if you need a snack. If you have time, check out laid back Sapadere village as well.

Since Sapedere is a bit further away, better than booking a driver, you can consider this tour with includes transportation and English-speaking guide. It is stress-free and lunch in lovely Sapedere village is also included. Altogether, you will get to spend 7 hours in Taurus mountains, do it is a cool package.

Stand up paddling

Things to do in Alanya, Turkey

Morning sunshine, amazingly clear waters, and the backdrop of the stunning Alanya castle and Red tower – what a perfect setting for paddling around! It was my first time to try stand up paddling in Alanya, but it was one of my favorite parts of the whole trip.

One great thing about this activity is that you don’t need any special skills besides a bit of balance. It is actually pretty relaxing, with plenty of time to enjoy the ocean views and get a tan! I recommend doing this early in the morning before all the boats start to take off.

Thanks to Baris from Alanya Surf Team for teaching me and my boyfriend how to paddle. This guy gives the best tours and he knows every underwater meter offshore around the town. Two hours of this activity costs around 50 lira (15 euros) per person including the gear and pictures.

Jeep Safari

Things to do in Alanya, Turkey

This might not be the best for you if you are not into group excursions, but going on a jeep safari is nevertheless a cool option for enjoying the mountain wilderness. The trip starts in Alanya city and takes you up to the Taurus mountains (east of the city) 1200 meters above the sea, with several stops in mountain villages.

The whole excursion is in a 4 x 4 Landrover Safari Jeep. The ride is quite bumpy especially when it goes off-road sometimes, but it is part of the fun. The vehicles feature an open top, so you can always stand up and take pictures or just enjoy the wind in your hair.

I did this trip with Elit Tuzim tours and the trip cost about 115 lira (29 euros). Most of the day you will be in the sun, so it is good idea to take plenty of water and sunscreen with you.

If you want to experience an adventure, you can also do the jeep tour by night. The trip is on illuminated vehicles and it is cheaper than the trip I did, so you can save a bit of money by that. Plus, night sounds like more adventure!

Turkish Hamam

Things to do in Alanya, Turkey

The Turkish bath or hammam is a part of Turkish culture and yet another unique thing to do in Alanya. Ottoman Turks inherited the bath concept from the Romans and adjusted it to their own tastes. It is all about cleansing and relaxing.

I took a two-hour bath and it was an absolute bliss. It all started with a sauna and steam room, then we moved to an impressive hamman room all decorated with marble with a central platform raised above the heating source (called a göbektaşı) One of the spa ladies scrubbed my whole body and washed me with fluffy soap. Next, I got served herbal tea and got to enjoy some time in the relaxing area before the final one-hour body massage.

I did it in the same hotel where I stayed (Sunprime C-Lounge Hotel). The whole procedure came to 280 lira (69 euro). It is not cheap, but worth every penny.

If your budget is less but you still want to enjoy the Turkish way of relaxing, consider this 2-hour visit to a traditional Turkish bath. It is not in a five-star hotel, but you still get to experience all the cool things like body scrub, foam massage, and oil massage


Things to do in Alanya, Turkey

Alanya is incredibly photogenic and there is no better way to enjoy its scenery than from the bird’s eye view. It was my third time paragliding and it is really one of the most adrenaline-pumping things to do in Alanya. The flight is relatively long – about 20 minutes.

The experience starts with a jeep ride up into the mountains (its rather bumpy, be prepared!). The starting point is at 800 meters above the sea, with amazing views of the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. It was like another dimension, I wish the flight could have lasted forever. I enjoyed every second of it!

Thanks to my great pilot from Ulusky tandem paragliding who did an excellent job and managed a safe landing directly on Cleopatra Beach. They have excellent camera equipment and take amazing shots during the flight. The trip cost 240 lira (60 euros), pictures (recommended!) are 40 euro extra.

If your hotel is located somewhere else than Kleopatra beach, you might want to book paragliding including the pickup and drop off. You will save time on finding your way or getting taxi. They will simply send a car to get you from the hotel. Check the rates and availability here.

Pirate boat Trip

Things to do in Alanya, Turkey

Boat tripping is all about sunbathing and swimming in the sea. It is another way to take a glance at the main sights such as the Red Tower, Old Shipyard, and especially Alanya castle and its fortifications from various angles. There are a couple of caves to see as well.

things-to-do-in-alanya-veronikasadventure.com-66Don’t expect to get very far; since there are no interesting islands nearby, the boat trips just stay in the waters surrounding Alanya. The boat has 3 decks, and there are some animation programs to entertain the guests. While that might not be my cup of tea, it is perfect for families with kids.

I did the trip with Gulbahce boat which cost 80 lira (20 euros) per person including food and drinks. We made four stops for swimming in the open sea. There is a foam party, and Jack Sparrow even made an appearance on board :). You can book the sightseeing boat trip including BBQ lunch here.

Kleopatra beach Alanya

Things to do in Alanya, Turkey

Most visitors head to Alanya for the sunshine and sea. The beaches are superb; wide, sandy, and clean. The water is also exceptionally clear. Many of them have a European flag (denoting that it meets international control administration standards for clean and high standard beaches).

A must-visit is Cleopatra beach, where the Ptolemaic princess is said to have bathed on her visit with Mark Anthony. In reality, it seems more like she may have been doing some pre-marriage business deals rather than enjoying the holiday. It was no accident that the area was later included in her dowry.

The beach spans 2 kilometers west of the Alanya castle and features the best sand of all the Alanya beaches. Entrance is free, but the sun beds and lounge chairs are for hire. It is the most popular beach in Alanya.

Alanya city centre

Things to do in Alanya, Turkey

Alanya is not only a tourist destination but also living town. Taking a stroll is a great way to experience local life in Alanya.

Whenever I explore a new city I love to visit a vegetable and fruit market, and Alanya was no exception. There is a farmer’s market every day in the town, but the most popular takes place on Fridays. It’s called Cuma Bazaar (Cuma means Friday). There are plenty of spices as well as fresh orange and pomegranate juice. Even if you don’t need anything, it is a cool place to observe locals as they go about their daily lives.

Apart from the food, Turkey is known for its textiles so there are a lot of places to buy clothes, both in the city and around the resorts. Needless to say, you should not accept the first price. Bargaining is simply part of the culture! ?

TIP: If you are looking to buy a present for somebody, check out this shop with handmade soaps. FB page: Green Body

Map of things to do in Alanya

What to do in Alanya: region and surroundings
There is more than enough things to do in Alanya, Turkey: even if you stick to the day tours, your itinerary is busy enough. If you are traveling to Alanya frequently, you might want to check out the other regions, too. Especially when visiting Alanya in spring, you have the best possibilities to arrange bigger, multiple days trips.

1- Day trip to Aspendos

If you want to visit one place outside Alanya, without having have to spend all the day in the bus, then Aspendos is a great choice. The highlight is clear: Turkish best-preserved ancient amphitheater. It was built in the 2nd century AD during the reign of Emperor Marcus Aurelius and it’s still used today for performances and festivals. The capacity of 15,000 people.

If you are planning to visit Aspendos, I recommend this 8hours tour that combines the ancient sights with a refreshing visit of Manavgat Waterfalls. You will also get to visit Side, another highlight of this part of Turkey. You can check the details of the tour here.

2- Day trip Pamukkale

These surreal, brilliant white travertine terraces and warm, limpid pools of Pamukkale hang represent of the highlight of what southwest of Turkey has to offer. This unique place is listed by UNESCO and can be see from far away. The name literally means “cotton castle” in Turkish. It’s possible to have a swim there, too.

It is a bigger trip from Alyna: about 400 kilometers and 5,5 hours. If you would like to visit it, I recommend considering this tour combining Pamukkale with Hierapolis, a stunning ancient city featuring an amphitheater. It is a two days trip with an overnight stay. You can check details here.

3- Day trip to Cappadocia

Visiting the Fairy chimney formations in Göreme National Park in Cappadocia is a dream for many, including myself. Who wouldn’t like to experience the hot balloon ride surrounded by the amazing scenery?

Staying in Alanya, you can visit Cappadocia overland. However, it is not a small trip: Göreme National Park is located 730 kilometers away which is about 7 hours’ drive. You should, therefore, plan with multiple days: this tour is making you on a three day trip to Cappadocia, with pick up and drop off in Alanya. Check the detailed program here, along with all places that you visit.

Where to stay in Alanya

During the trip, we stayed at the stunning Sunprime C-Lounge and I would totally recommend it to anyone heading to Alanya. The hotel just two years old, so the rooms are cozy and the design is amazing, including a giant glass lift in the lobby. Just to note, this is a hotel for adults, so it is really quiet and relaxing.

There are many reasons to be returning to Sunprime C-Lounge: I loved the outdoor terrace around the swimming pool with its many sunbeds and other sofas, although my boyfriend and I always preferred spending time at the seaside. The hotel is featuring a private beach, too.

If you are interested to stay in Sunprime C-Lounge, you can check the rates and availability here. It is definitely a good idea to book ahead, and this is one of the best hotels in Alanya and therefore pretty popular.

Book your stay in Sunprime C-Lounge here

What to pack for Alanya, Turkey

Most people go to Alanya to enjoy a summer holiday, so you should pack your full beach bag with bikini, sun scream, sunglasses and a cap. It can be handy to bring snorkeling set and shoes for going into the sea, since not all beaches in Alanya are completely sandy. Most resorts offer comfortable sun lounges on the beach.

Evenings are warm, so you won’t need much apart from a couple of summer outfits. Pack sandals or comfortable shoes, they will be handy when climbing the Alanya castle or doing other day trips.

What is your favorite thing to do in Alanya?

How do you usually spend holidays at the seaside? Do you prefer spending time on the beach or do you usually like to do other activities as well? Do you enjoy any of the activities above?

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this article, please share it Facebook.

My trip was in cooperation with Alanya Tourism & Promotion Foundation, Turkish Tourism Ministry Zurich Culture and Tourism Attache Office, Turkish Airlines and Sunprime C-Lounge Hotel. All opinions are, as always, my own.


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